Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to recreational housing, the terms park model tiny homes and towable tiny homes are often used interchangeably, leaving many confused about their actual differences. What is the difference between the two?  The key difference between Park Models tiny homes and towable tiny homes lies in the specific building standards they adhere to. Park Models tiny homes follow the ANSI building code regulations created for recreational use. Some towable tiny homes are built to ANSI code regulations but not always.   Although both categories fall under the umbrella of recreational housing, the specific codes allow banks to provide financing and assure our buyers that they are buying a solid product.  

Our Park Model Tiny homes are transported by a semi-truck.  The tongue weight on these units are far too great to be pulled with a personal vehicle.  They overall weight is anywhere from 15K-30K pounds.  Please keep this in mind when we are quoting shipping costs, we are moving a house. If you purchase a home from us, the shipping is free within 100 miles.

We make all arrangements for the safe, professional transport of your home to your property. States that can be shipped to will depend greatly on your state’s height and weight limitations.  The quote can get very pricy when you consider some of the things that the states will require like police escorts or lead cars.  Please also note that once you have your model chosen and we go to quote the shipping that price is only valid for 2-3 weeks.  With the cost of fuel, the price is constantly changing.  We have several companies that we work with that can deliver, set, and level your house in the state of Texas and neighboring states.  If it’s further than that, then you will need to find a local company to cover the block and set portion.  

Design: Planning & Design Consultation before the build takes about 1-2 weeks

Financing: If you are financing, it could take 2-3 weeks to make it through underwriting

Build: Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks for a tiny house to build. Build times can vary depending on the project and factory availability. 

You can see our process page for more detailed information.

The type of loan that banks lend for this product is an RV loan at 7 years or a Chattle Loan at 25 years.  This is considered a luxury item in the banking world so they will require at least 10% down, sometimes more depending on your situation.  Most houses land right around $100K so therefore the lowest down payment is most likely going to be in the $10K range.

Each home comes with 3 hurricane straps on each side that are secured in the ground with concrete.  If the home is over a certain length it will have more than that.  

Our tiny homes come standard fully electric. 

Electric: They are 100amp or 200amp standard depending on the manufacturer that you choose. You will place the electricity in a conduit to the pedestal.  If you change some of the appliances to gas it can be lowered to 50amp with a few changes. 

A/C: All of our park models are built with a mini-split AC unit.  These can be separate units or one big unit with multiple heads.  They are extremely efficient and heat and cool the homes very well. 

Plumbing: The water and sewer/septic lines are very similar hookups to a stick-build house.  We provide stub-outs for connections to sanitary drains and water inlets. We can customize hookups for Park Models according to your needs of the location it’s being placed. Clayton comes standard with a tankless water heater which requires 200amp, but this can be altered depending on location.  

All the tiny home manufacturers that we sell for are RVIA certified and they are built to an ANSY code.  Its similar to a HUD code but for Park Model RVs. 

When you purchase your tiny home you will pay sales tax for the state that it will be registered in.  Since they are legally considered non-motorized RVs there is not property tax in most states but you are responsible for confirming that with your jurisdiction

Yes!!  We have several companies that provide financing for our tiny homes.  Two types of loans will finance a tiny home.  An RV loan will have a term limit of 7 years and a chattel loan that can go up to 25 years.  Since these are classified as a luxury item you will need to put down in most cases at least 10%.  If this is a second home for you they might require 20%.  In a small group of scenarios the down payment can be as little as 5%. 

We have a 55-plus community at the same location as our retail dealership here in Aubrey, TX.  We also partner with several other communities in the metroplex and throughout the state where our tiny homes can be placed.  In addition to those options, we can deliver to private land. This a a great option for aging parents, and college students, or to use as a vacation home or overnight rental income.  We do require that you have written authorization from the jurisdiction, community manager, or homeowner giving you permission to place your tiny home there.  

 Still, be sure to check with your local Planning & Zoning to see if they are allowed as a vacation home and/or residence. Park models are usually allowed in tiny house communities as well as RV parks!

We have 3 manufacturers that we work with….

Champion Park Models & Cabins out of Mansfield, TX

Platinum Cottages out of Athens, TX 

Clayton Park Homes out of Addison, AL

We can ship Champion and Clayton nationwide but Platinum for the moment can only be purchased for our community here in Aubrey, TX

Our tiny homes are very customizable.  Each one of our manufacturers has different things they will customize.  Some offer things that others don’t so that is why we carry 3 different to give the customer the most options when finding the perfect tiny for themselves.  Here are some of the things you can customize but are not limited to this list:

Flooring color and type

Roof color and exterior siding and color

Kitchen & Bathroom tile and backsplash

Cabinet and countertop color and type

Type of fixtures

In the base price of all models a black range and refrigerator comes included.  The appliances that can be added for an additional cost are: microwave, washer/dryer, wine fridge, and dishwasher

If your park model is being delivered in the DFW metroplex we can arrange for a set and block crew to “install” your Park Model tiny home.  If we are shipping it to another part of Texas or another state you would be responsible for finding a local company to do the set, level, and block.  That company can contact us directly if they have any questions to make as smooth of a transition as possible.  

We can help!!!  Although Liberty Tiny Homes does not perform local site work on your property, we can assist the local team. We will collaborate with you and your local contractors to make sure everything you need is addressed. We desire that your property is ready to receive your new home when the time comes. So don’t be concerned, we can do this with you!!!

Yes!!  We currently have 5 models on-site to tour with more coming.  In addition to that, we will have several “spec” homes that are move-in ready to tour. 

That is the maximum square footage to keep the designation of an RV. Anything over 400 square feet falls into the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes which turns it into “real property” that is subject to property tax. One thing to keep in mind is that lofts and porches add extra livable space but it doesn’t get added to the square footage total.  

Yes!!!! When you purchase 3 or more units you qualify for special discount pricing.  You must purchase the tiny homes in groups of 3 or more to qualify for this pricing.  You can design them all the same or differently.  The bigger the order, the sweeter the deal.  You also have the option to add the “We design it” package where we will fully design, decorate, and furnish the home.  When the house arrives, we will come and set it up.  

We don’t currently have any used homes in our inventory but we might have some in the future if a home in Liberty Tiny Village becomes available. 

We can do the walls in sheetrock or shiplap-type wood.  

We do have some realtors that we work with that assist our tiny home buyers find land.  Contact our office for that information.  

If a realtor brings us a client and they purchase a tiny home from us, we will cut you a check for $1000!!

In some cases our prices do include delivery!! If you are within 100 miles of our dealership delivery is free.  You would just need to add: set/block, utility hookup, skirting, stairs, and sales tax/fees to the sales price of the home. 

For delivery outside of the 100 miles, we will determine the shipping costs based on: the size of the home, distance, site accessibility, permits, pole cars, and fuel costs. We will quote each job individually once you are at that stage. 

Yes!!!  All of our homes, come with a 7-year warranty.  When the house is first delivered we will do a punch list on the house to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced from the manufacturer and get that addressed. Anything needed after that will go through the 7 year warranty company.  

We don’t rent any of our Tiny homes.  There are for purchase only.