What is a Tiny home?

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What is a Tiny home?

Maxing out at 399 square feet, our tiny homes are the perfect size for a couple or a single person that does not want a lot of space to clean or maintain.  They are built with high ceilings, a lot of windows, and the comforts of a regular house.  These amenities make the space seem much bigger than you think.  Tiny homes are built on a chassis.  That means that they will be blocked up so the wheels are not touching the ground. They will also be strapped down with hurricane straps so they will not move.  Once they are skirted and have permanent stairs built they look like they were built on a slab.  The bonus feature of a tiny home is that it will never be subject to property tax, ever! If one wanted to move them, then they would be transported by a semi-truck.

 Meet our manufacturers below

-Champion homes shipped from Mansfield, TX . They are 11.5 wide or 15 wide. Their 15.6 ft high so there may be some states that they won’t be able to be shipped to.

-Clayton homes are shipped from Addison, Alabama. They have 12, 13, 14 ft. wide. Their height is 15 or 16ft high and can adapt some plans to be delivered.

-As of right now Platinum homes are only being offered in Liberty Tiny Village

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